Photo of the Day: Cheeseballin’

Last weekend we went to the Albergo di Poveri to check out the Days of the Dinosaur exhibit. It was pretty cool to see a dozen or so animatronic dinosaurs all in one place. Definitely exciting for the kiddies but even the adults were impressed.


Dream a little dream

In my life I’ve had quite a few dreams that I’ve been able to remember in quite astonishing detail. I consider it a blessing and a curse. Dreams where I’ve visited with my grandfathers and dogs that have passed on are always good. Dreams where I’m sitting in the final exam of a class I’ve never attended? Not so much. One I remember from when I was little involved a giant, and yet not so giant,┬áTyrannosaurus┬áRex. I was in my house running away from the giant dinosaur; it chased me from room to room. I went and hid under the dining room table and I could hear it coming closer but when I turned to see where it was it had shrunk and was no bigger than a mouse. I used that moment to run and when I looked back it had grown big again and was coming after me. I had that dream repeatedly for years. I’ve never really decided what I think it means. I suppose it could be about how problems always seem bigger when you try to ignore them when in reality they’re not as big a deal as you think. Or something like that.

Other dreams I’ve had include a time when I was shot and stabbed by someone trying to steal my broken down car; giant gold orbs on spider web type threads that were sent down by aliens to monitor what was going on on Earth; trying to run away from a wolf at night but my legs would only move in slow motion; being able to jump really, really high then falling back to earth really, really fast only to land softly and jump up again. There are times when I wake from a dream that I don’t actually remember except that I was crying or screaming or even laughing. (If you’ve never woken up laughing you are missing out, it is such a great feeling!)

Recently I’ve had a couple freaky dreams only one of which I actually remember. In the dream I was laying on the couch with my dog just watching tv and I couldn’t find the remote. I figured it was under the pillow the dog was using to rest his head (sadly this was not just a dream, he actually does that) so I lifted the pillow and there it was. As I reached for it, actually put my hand on it, it was sucked into the couch. Of course that seemed odd but the worst part was the deep, scary voice that said “GET OUT” right afterwards. In the dream I screamed though it was more of a strangled sound when I startled awake.

A couple nights ago I woke myself and Greg up when I made a muffled yelling noise and jumped backward into him. I have no idea what that dream was about but obviously it wasn’t good.

Greg rarely remembers any of his dreams. I think I would be bummed if I never remembered any of mine, I get to do all sorts of crazy things in them.

This post has nothing to do with Naples but you’re more than welcome to tell me about some of your dreams. Have you ever dreamt about all of your teeth falling out? I have. What about getting to school late and realizing you haven’t attended that school in 10 years? Yep. What about it? What have you dreamt?