Photo of the Day: Late summer bloomin’


Photo of the Day: National Building Museum

My favorite place in the whole of Washington, DC is the National Building Museum, it’s just such an amazing place. The first time I went there was in 2004 and I was just blown away by the great hall. I never knew such a place existed, it has all sorts of interesting exhibits and it’s just a great spot to take photographs. If you’re ever in DC I highly recommend stopping in for a visit. (BTW it probably has one of the best gift shops in the whole city especially if you’re into architecture, urban planning, and environmental design. And cool stuff in general.)


Photo of the Day: Mermaid’s purse

A lot of times when you walk along the beach you’ll see these crazy looking things laying at the tide line. If you pick it up you’ll notice it’s kind of rubbery, you may actually think it’s some kind of manmade object. In fact it’s the egg case from a ray, skate, shark, or chimaera commonly known as a mermaid’s purse. By the time they wash up on shore they are usually empty but at one point it contain a teeny tiny little baby animal. Mother nature is really quite amazing.