Photo of the Day: Sea Oats


Photo of the Day: Mermaid’s purse

A lot of times when you walk along the beach you’ll see these crazy looking things laying at the tide line. If you pick it up you’ll notice it’s kind of rubbery, you may actually think it’s some kind of manmade object. In fact it’s the egg case from a ray, skate, shark, or chimaera commonly known as a mermaid’s purse. By the time they wash up on shore they are usually empty but at one point it contain a teeny tiny little baby animal. Mother nature is really quite amazing.

Where in the world is Kerrin?

After a fun but mixed weather week in Corolla, NC I am in Maryland for a bit to take care of some stuff. I went yesterday to get fancy new glasses that cost a ridiculous amount of money that I don’t necessarily have and at some point I need to take a dress to the tailor to have it fitted. I really should do that today but I’m feeling lazy and I’m not in the mood to spend any more money.

We didn’t stay at the same house in Corolla that we stayed in last year, this time we were a little closer to the beach and further north near the lighthouse. The location itself wasn’t terrible but the house was disappointing. Aside from being right next to the main road it had a tiny, tiny pool, was covered in spiders, and looked like the inside had not been touched since it was built in the 80s. Needless to say we didn’t spend nearly as much time at “home” as we did last year. If you’re planning on going to Corolla, NC don’t rent Bailey’s Retreat II. We’ve already started looking for another house for next year when we should have a much larger group going.

This year we again ate at Bad Bean Taqueria a couple times (try the fish tacos and the chicken mole burrito) and spent a lot of time at the beach. Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold and we had a couple days of storms and constant rain. We took advantage of this and drove down to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore to check out Cape Hatteras Light. The wait to go up into the light was over an hour so we passed on that. Greg and I drove to the end where the ferries are located and were surprised by how empty the area was. Considering how jammed Corolla, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head are you would think it would be just as crowded the further south you go.

Driving back to Maryland Greg and I stopped at Digger’s Dungeon┬áto visit the Grave Digger. Greg has always asked to stop but I didn’t believe he was being serious. Apparently he was. We visited the gift shop, Greg bought some swag, and we watched people go for rides on a monster truck. Only one of us has ever actually been to a Monster Truck show before, I’ll leave it to you to decide which of us it is.

On the way to Corolla we drove down through Virginia on 95 and then in an attempt to avoid the 40 mile back up through Fredericksburg we hopped on Route 1. It took over eight hours to get there which is ridiculous. We decided to drive home via the eastern shore over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and then on Route 50. It probably took as long but it was a much more pleasant ride with little to no traffic at all. Unfortunately most of the drive was in a steady blinding rain but it was still better than sitting on 95 NB. The scenery was a lot prettier as well. We even made a little detour to visit the house my aunt and uncle used to own in Virginia Beach.

Overall it was a pretty good trip, spiders aside. I’m already looking forward to going back next year.