Jeggings aren’t just for women anymore

The title is not a joke, people. I repeat, the title is not a joke. I had visual confirmation today that younger men are starting to wear super tight jeans and potentially jeggings. This will come as an horrible surprise to 75% of American men as they find nothing wrong whatsoever with loose fitting, comfortable Wrangler and Levis jeans. Of course hipsters will rejoice because they’ve been waiting for the day they can wear a pair of jeans that are that much tighter than their current pair.

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Other trends I’ve noticed: Chucks are still in, leather sandals are super popular (especially Birkenstocks), neon colors are apparently back, and something akin to the photo below is how men and women are styling their hair. I’ve seen quite a few women with the sides buzzed almost all the way up and the rest of the hair in a ponytail. It’s really quite impressive and rather bold, I think, considering the only women with short hair were usually over the age of 65. It seems the kids fancy a bit of androgyne and are not against having people question whether they are a man or a woman.

Older Neapolitans still prefer their business casual look with sneakers, which I actually rather like. I’m always a fan of looking nice but having comfortable footwear. Although the choice of sneakers leaves something to be desired on occasion. Even if those sneakers cost over $300 a pair, they still look like orthopedic shoes.

It’s kind of interesting how the same kids who all looked exactly alike a few years ago are now taking the fashion risks and having fun with their style. They’re a lot braver than most Americans, that’s for sure.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an authority on fashion as I have previously stated. These remarks are just a casual commentary on what I’ve observed while wandering around this fair city.