Still waiting

After immersing it in rice for a couple days I had my fingers crossed that my poor little phone would recover but alas it was not meant to be. The battery is fried and I’m sure other stuff is probably damaged as well. We went to the Vodafone and TIM stores in town to check out their prices for a new iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. I went to the Vodafone store at work and asked them about getting one and found out that they are out of stock with no idea when either one might arrive. I put my name on a wait list so they’ll call me when they get them in. Greg went to the store where he works and learned pretty much the same thing. He gave them his info after they indicated that some iPhone 4S’s may arrive within a week. The thing I miss the most is having a camera. I haven’t had access to internet on it (without WiFi) for some time so that hasn’t impacted me as much. Hopefully one will arrive soon so I can get back up and running. I miss taking photos!