Photo of the Day: Serenity Now

The little beach at Calvert Cliffs State Park was so quiet and serene, I could have spent all day there. The sun was warm, there was a light breeze, and the water temperature was perfect. If there is a heaven I hope it’s just like this little beach.


Photo of the Day: Calvert Cliffs State Park

I took the dogs on a four mile round-trip hike in Calvert Cliffs State Park. I didn’t realize it was so far from the parking lot to the beach. The dogs were dragging on the way out and Jack puked after drinking salt water but they had ample energy on the way back. They were comatose in the car on the drive home, I kept waking them up to make sure they were still alive.


Photo of the Day: Mermaid’s purse

A lot of times when you walk along the beach you’ll see these crazy looking things laying at the tide line. If you pick it up you’ll notice it’s kind of rubbery, you may actually think it’s some kind of manmade object. In fact it’s the egg case from a ray, skate, shark, or chimaera commonly known as a mermaid’s purse. By the time they wash up on shore they are usually empty but at one point it contain a teeny tiny little baby animal. Mother nature is really quite amazing.

Photo of the Day: The beach

Many years ago the city of Naples had actual beaches on it’s shorelines, now that they’ve been built up and over the only remaining sandy spots are rather small and get very crowded. If you want to experience the picturesque beaches of Campania you’ll more than likely end up on Capri, Ischia, or somewhere along the Amalfi coast.