Photo of the Day: Waitin’ on a train



No longer unemployed

About a month ago I got a job at the local Navy Exchange, hence the lack of posts. That’s not an excuse just a statement of fact. After spending all day walking around the last thing I feel like doing is writing a blog post, especially because I don’t want to write about my work place. If you come visit I’ll tell you all sorts of crap but I don’t like the idea of it sitting online forever.

Every morning I get up around 6 – 6:30 so I can drive in with Greg. From there I was taking the bus to the Exchange but recently I’ve been driving. Prior to this I’ve only been a passenger in the car on Italian highways and now that I’ve been the driver I can say, in all honesty, that the drivers in Maryland are worse. Sure the Italians like to ride the line and hog two lanes at once but in terms of the flow of traffic and the crazy speeds it doesn’t feel any different. I have yet to drive in the city as I am not 100% comfortable driving a standard and there are just too many hills, cars, motorcycles/scooters, and pedestrians for my currently driving ability. Aside from that I just don’t like driving a standard, it requires too much thinking. I much prefer being able to zone out when I drive, it’s my only true alone time and my brain likes to wander. Having to be fully aware of what I’m doing cramps my style. By all means go right ahead and tell me how ridiculous that is and how silly I am for not wanting to drive a standard. “But they’re so FUN to drive!” “All you need is PRACTICE!” “EVERYONE should know how to drive a stick shift!” The best one was “I used to *hate* driving a stick shift but then I moved here and now I LOVE it. You really feel like you’re one with the car. I can sense everything about how it’s running and I know exactly when to change gears. You really should learn to drive one, they’re so much better than an automatic.” Thanks Crazy Random Stranger for you opinion on what I should do! I’m so sad I didn’t think to ask you, Crazy Random Stranger, what else I should do with my life. Should I cut my hair? Should I start wearing palazzo pants and sweater vests? What should I do about my iPhone? Should I get a new one or unlock my old one? Who do YOU think I should vote for in the upcoming election? Before you answer any or all of those questions here’s the deal: I prefer driving an automatic to driving a stick. That’s just how it is. It’s the same as if I said I prefer chocolate ice cream to strawberry. Or the beach to the mountains. Or Apple to Windows. I just am who I am and I like what I like.

Wow, well this post didn’t go where I thought it was going but there it is. I’m going to work harder at posting more but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be an every day kind of thing. Hopefully I’ll be more reliable with posting photos as I have been taking a lot of those.

Keep on keepin’ on and I’mma slap your mouth if you say anything about my driving abilities, or lack thereof. People in glass houses…