Things I miss about the US

Moving to Italy means adapting to a different way of life. Below is a list of things that I miss about the US, in no particular order:

  1. Target
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Chipotle
  4. Chick-fil-A (politics aside I love their chicken nuggets)
  5. my car
  6. backyards
  7. frontyards
  8. parks
  9. an outdoors that is [relatively] trash free
  10. family
  11. friends
  12. television – specifically Food Network, Cooking Channel, and the History Channels
  13. the dogs
  14. knowing where to go to find things
  15. book stores
  16. REI
  17. snow
  18. radio stations
  19. bike trails
  20. the mall
  21. rootbeer

I kinda thought that list would be longer. None of those things, save for family and friends, are things that I can’t live without they just happen to be things I didn’t realize I’d miss until I no longer had easy access to them. First world problems, right?


2 thoughts on “Things I miss about the US

  1. Actually I don’t think any of the things in your list are first world problems at all, except for maybe the car (many of these have changed over our lives). I see a list of things from home that makes me think about what I miss.
    P.S. Fast food chains have become the striving goal of small companies in countries around the world. I see the Argentines making fast food lomo (pounded-steak sandwich) chains, and I scream NO while ripping out my hair!

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