There’s a holiday in Italy that’s celebrated on August 15 that has been around for thousands of years. Ferragosto honors any number of things but the end result is that the country takes the month off. Kind of like how Congress takes a month off in the US, over here everyone goes on vacation. There are really only two options, you either go to the beach or you go to the mountains. Businesses put signs on their doors weeks before they close just to make sure everyone who is unlucky enough to be stuck in town knows that they won’t be shopping there.

Not everything closes but the city gets very quiet and noticeably less busy. Traffic eases and the nightly passeggiata is composed of a significantly smaller number of people. This year we will be participating in Ferragosto but instead of heading to Ischia or Capri we’ll be heading back to the US and to the Outer Banks for a week. I can’t promise that I’ll post anything during the vacation aside from some photos. This will be disappointing to some of you. Okay, maybe none of you, but I just wanted to give you the heads up in case you wondered why nothing showed up here for a while.


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