It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a giant flying insect! Run away!

I’m kind of a bug wimp. I don’t mind bugs when they’re outside where they’re supposed to be. I DO mind bugs when they are in my house. Last week we had a bit of a run in with a rather unpleasant looking insect known as a cicada killer. It decided that because it was dark outside and light inside it was going to join us for the evening. As Greg has recently learned I tend to freak out when flying gross things are in the room. He was tasked, by me, to get rid of the hideous thing. Normally I’m all for catch and release but this thing was not going to allow that. I may have told him that they sting in order to induce a greater sense of urgency. He doesn’t know that they rarely do.

Currently in Naples there is a huge issue with cockroaches. It’s not that there are any more than usual, it’s the claim by local politicians that a certain species of cockroach has invaded the city, is forcing out the native population, and it can all be traced back to the Aeolian Islands. By the way they talk we should be squashing swarms of the red beasts whenever we walk outside. I can honestly say I have not seen a single one since this supposed infestation began. The upside of this dramatic environmental disaster is they’ve been working a little harder at cleaning up the trash. They even closed our street for parking one evening just so they could go through and collect some (note: not all) of the trash that had accumulated anywhere but the dumpster or recycle bins. You’d think that if they are so concerned about environmental hazards and the potential spread of disease that they would blame those who are truly responsible and work to keep the trash from piling up year round instead of just worrying about it every now and then.

Habits are a hard thing to break and I’m not sure the Neapolitans will ever be able to break their habit of just dumping trash wherever. Nor will they ever be able to break the hold certain unsavory groups have over their government. Just know that when you come visit this vibrant city the people who live here don’t like the trash any more than you do.


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