Fantasia Gelati

On my way home this afternoon I stopped at Fantasia Gelati for a little dolce indulgence. One summer when I was here they had an amazing peach gelato that tasted as if I was eating a fresh from the tree peach, it was incredible. Since then I’ve kept my eyes peeled for the reappearance of this tasty treat but I have yet to see it. The beauty of the summertime is, as with the produce markets, that there are gelato flavors that don’t show up any other time of year. While looking for the peach my eyes rested on a container with a bright pink gelato inside it. The great thing about the gelateria is that they put the actual flavor on top of the gelato meaning that if you’re going to pick a lemon flavor you’ll see an actual lemon sitting on top indicating that that flavor is, in fact, lemon. Get it? No? Too bad, I’m moving on anyway.

Sitting on top of this neon pink gelato was a slice of watermelon. Immediately my excitement rose because, as my mom can tell you, I love anything watermelon flavored. If it’s an option I will take it. Given how the minds behind Fantasia Gelati are always coming up with new and interesting flavor combinations I wasn’t at all surprised that they would create a watermelon gelato. I also had no doubt that it would be delicious as I have yet to try one of their gelati that was not amazing. Considering my last battle with a gelato cone didn’t go so well (it melted faster than I could eat it) I decided a cup would be a much safer option. And not wanting to go crazy I ordered a small. In Italy, most gelateria will allow you to choose pretty much as many flavors as you want (within reason) and cram them all into the cone or cup. While this sounds like an excellent way to try a bunch of different flavors at once I can only imagine the gag inducing combinations one could come up with. I like to keep it simple so I asked for just the watermelon; why cover up the flavor with something else? (Aside: When you get a gelato, whether in a cone or a cup, they like to give you this extra mini cone with it. I have yet to figure out exactly why. It’s not like you can create a second cone with it, I mean, you’re not going to walk around double-fisting gelato or anything. You can certainly scoop some up with it but it’s a three bite cone at most, I just don’t see why they include it. There must be something I’m missing. If you know the answer please let me know in the comments.) So! The point! I’m getting there, keep your pants on! Anyway, the guy scooped my gelato, put in on the counter, and after battling my way through the crowd it was in my hand. I walked outside, sat on a bench, and took a picture. What? Did you think I would taste it first? You don’t know me at all. Right after I took the picture I tasted it and I couldn’t get over the flavor, it was the most delicious gelato I had ever tasted. It pretty much blew the peach gelato out of the water. My immediate reaction was a mixture of bliss and regret. The flavor was so fresh and authentic, my brain almost couldn’t process it, I wanted to eat it all right then which is what led to the regret – I should have gotten a bigger cup.

I have no idea how long the flavor will be available but I do plan on trying to get more before it’s gone. I wish you could capture taste in a photograph because then you all could enjoy it with me.


9 thoughts on “Fantasia Gelati

  1. What do you mean, you don’t know why they give you the mini-cone? It’s an ice cream cone; that’s reason enough! I prefer cups to cones because they are less messy, but the big draw back is you can’t eat the cup. Cones taste so good!

  2. I also think its an edible garnish. I know as a kid they always used to put a fan shapes wafer in the ice cream if you ordered it in a restaurant. I think it must be like that. I adore gelato. It’s so much better than ice cream and I too love all things watermelon. I’m jealous!! They sell gelato in Harrods (you can only really get ice cream here and even the stuff called gelato isn’t really gelato) and I’ve had the apple flavour there. So good we almost got it couriered to our wedding venue!

    • The stuff in the US they call gelato is more like ice cream. I’ve had it once or twice where it tasted similar to what they sell here but it really isn’t the same. Watermelon truly is my favorite flavor. 🙂

  3. Obviously ice cream and gelato are different, and milkshakes are different from just ice cream, but this milkshake place in NC has watermelon shakes in July & August only and while the flavor combo didn’t sound right to me at first, it’s really fantastic. I can only imagine how amazing a well-made Italian watermelon gelato would taste.

      • Next time you are back in the good ol’ US of A in the summer, get yourself to a Cookout in NC or VA. Dual drive-through goodness. Also suggest the hush-puppies and cheddar-style anything (burger, fries, chicken sandwich…).

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