Vomero Market

Today I wandered over to the market in Vomero to check out what kind of stuff the vendors were selling. It’s only open in the morning and since I like to sleep in I don’t usually get up the hill in time. There were all sorts of things for sale, clothes, shoes, jewelry, produce, meat, household goods, pretty much anything you can think of. It’s also packed with people, vendors calling out their specials, women trying on shoes, kids running around, it feels almost chaotic and yet not.

I walked through the stalls piled high with clothing, boxes and boxes of leather sandals, bins of buttons and beads, and racks of dresses. I took a diagonal path through the produce stands and checked out table after table covered in colorful fruits and vegetables. I don’t know where it all comes from but it looked as if it had just come off the vine. Our kitchen is ridiculously small, and with there only being two of us we can’t really keep a lot of food around, especially stuff that spoils quickly. Of course that didn’t stop me from wanting to buy everything.

Because there is so much in season there are almost too many options, so I stopped at one stand where a woman told me about some white peaches from Sicily that were very sweet. They’re small and flat so I bought a kilo. I also bought half a kilo of roma tomatoes that looked delicious. We chatted a little bit; she asked how old I was, did I study or work, stuff like that. She asked me to pick a tomato up off the ground for her because she couldn’t bend over and then explained that she had just had surgery and couldn’t bend at the waist for about two months. She runs the stall with her son and their produce was some of the best looking in the whole market. The prices were very reasonable as well. She said she hoped to see me again which is extremely likely considering I tried a peach as soon as I got home and they are incredible. It’s seriously like eating candy. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such a sweet peach before.

If you’re ever in Vomero early in the morning make sure you stop and see the market, you won’t be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Vomero Market

  1. What brand of Olive Oil do the locals use? I ask this because I’ve heard conflicting reports here in the states that the Olive Oil we buy at the grocery store which is imported from Italy, is sometimes bottled with various blends that may not be true 100% extra virgin or from Italian olive groves. We’re just paying for the label “imported from Italy”, when in fact the oil come from various countries around the med, with lesser quality olives and not “first pressed”.

    • I don’t know off hand but I’ll look into it. Some of the best olive oils are actually from Greece and Spain. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Italian oils don’t come from one specific grove but are a mix from several different places. Recently some Chinese companies that make clothing have moved to Italy just so they can put labels that say Made In Italy on their clothes, so really anything is possible over here.

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