Ciao Napoli!

Hello. My name is Inigo Mont…oh wait, I guess it should really be: Ciao. Mi chiamo Inigo Montoya, tu hai ucciso mio padre, prepararsi a morire. Or something like that, my Italian’s not so good and Google translate can only do so much. So Wednesday afternoon I arrived in bella Napoli and was welcomed with 90 degree heat and blazing sun. I know, I know, it was hotter back in the DMV wah wah wah boo hoo, shut up. At least you people have AC. (BTW, completely semi-unrelated, if you ever get the chance to fly Lufthansa business class on a long-haul, oh. my. god. it is the best way to fly. EVER.) We had to walk to Greg’s car which was parked not anywhere near the airport and I was carrying two backpacks – one on my back, one on my front – we had two rolling duffels (that I bought my last day at work!), and Greg had his two carry on bags. Apparently we were “travelling light” according to some of his coworkers that saw us. I guess by Neapolitan standards we weren’t as weighed down as we could have been. But holy sweatballs, Batman I’m pretty sure I lost 5lbs worth of water in that hike. I was so thirsty I drank a Hawaiian Punch, which, by the way, doesn’t taste the way it used to. It seemed to be missing its…punch. Hahaha ha     ha. Ha.

Moving along to Thursday we attended a retirement ceremony then got my ID card so I can have full access to places I couldn’t before. Since I don’t have a car of my own here, and Greg works at the airport, I would have to take a bus to the ceremony. To get there on time I had to leave the apartment at 9:30, walk down to the funicolare, then walk from the station to the port which sounds all well and good but when it’s 90 degrees by 10am and I’m wearing brand new cute but horribly uncomfortable shoes it was the longest walk ever. If you ever come to visit Naples you can count on nothing happening on time. The bus was supposed to arrive at 10:07, I got there at 9:57 which means that, in theory, I should have had 10 minutes to wait but still would have gotten to the airport in time. Twenty minutes later I realize that the bus probably isn’t going to come and if I’m going to make it I’m going to have to catch a cab. Lucky for me the taxi stand at the port is jammed with very eager drivers waiting for a fare. I hopped into one and after telling the guy where I was going we were on our way – a long roundabout way that felt like we were heading in the totally wrong direction – but at least I wasn’t sitting there waiting for a bus that would never come.

I’m pretty sure you don’t care about that uninteresting story at all but I just thought you’d like to know how exciting my life is. Today I did a sum total of nothing except make a list of things I need to buy. And I created this blog after a failed attempt at getting a WordPress blog to work (Did you know there’s no way to post directly from Instagram to WordPress nor can you post Instagram photos to your non-primary tumblr blog? First world problems.) I also watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey and I’m currently 5 episodes into season one of 30 Rock. Yep, I’m livin’ the dream. Exhaustion meant I fell asleep at a reasonable hour on Wednesday night and last night as well, but it’s currently 11:16 p.m. and I’m not feeling a bit tired. I don’t know what time zone I’m in but it’s not this one.

I still might switch back to WordPress…

Peace and chicken grease!


P.S. I’m thoroughly bummed that the most recent seasons of Supernatural are not online. BUMMED!


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